Chair Side Transfer Rail (MF 1/9 & 1/8)

Chair Side Transfer Rail - Product View
Chair Side Transfer Rail - Product View with no chair

Free standing handrails that assist you to stand

Placed in front of your chair, the adjustable height handles can be positioned where you can best take advantage of them, assisting you to stand.
When attempting to stand most people wriggle their bottoms toward the front of their chair, lean forward, and push up with their arms and legs.
But what if the chairs arm rests are too soft or not positioned well to push up from?
Some lifter chairs can also throw you off balance as you try to stand.
In these cases a Chair Side Transfer rail be a real help by providing you with a solid hand hold just where you need it most.
The Chair Side Transfer rail can be used with any of our chair raisers.


The single side rail is an option if required (MF 1/8 – Left or Right side).

For extra stability the large foot plate can be supplied (MF1/8 FP)


Key Features

  • Adjustable in width to suit your chair, enabling a perfect fit.
  • Customize the handrail position with 6 height options.
  • Works with rocking chairs, previously a challenge to get out of.
  • Made from 32mm tube for easy grip.
  • Powder coated for durability.
  • Large plates with non-slip surfaces on both sides that locate under the chair feet.


Clear selection

Chair Side Transfer Rail (MF 1/9 & 1/8) Specification

Max user weight


Handle tube

32mm Dia

Handle height adjustment

650-850 mm High.

Small pad size

150 Wide x 225 mm Deep

Base size



Powder Coated


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