About Us

Quality of life is precious. Our mission is to provide you with quality long lasting equipment that enables you to live your life with independence.

First established in 1992, Multifit is a New Zealand owned and run business that has pioneered the design and development of many new and life changing assistive solutions and devices. Products are patented both in New Zealand and internationally and Multifit has been exporting since 2005. Director and Head of Product Development, Wayne Manson, is well attuned to the needs of end users and clinical staff including Assessors, Occupational Therapists, Rest Home and Retirement Village Clinical Managers.

“Multifit has been enhancing independence and quality of life for the elderly and disabled through our innovative mobility solutions for over 20 years and this si something we are very proud of! Our Rehab range of products are safe, robust, durable and attractive. They are cost effective products that stand the test of time and are frequently used many times over. We also understand that choosing the appropriate chair raiser ensures the most cost effective solution to raising a chair in the safest possible way”.

Wayne Manson. Director and Head of Product Development