Bed Levers & Rails

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  • Bed Lever – (MF 3/11S – CC)


    This is an extremely useful bedroom aid to increase your mobility, safety and independence. . GETS YOU UP AND MOBILE Getting in and out of bed can be challenging when you don’t have anything to grab hold of to get you up and mobile. Our Bed Lever can be an easy solution to increase your mobility and make a huge improvement to your safety and independence. . CAN BE HEL …
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  • MF 3/1AS – CC (3 Bar Bed Lever©)


    Resistance to head entrapment Everyone moves when they are sleeping and some have uncontrolled movement especially those with epilepsy. Parkinson’s disease might also present problems with entrapment to name  just two. For this reason we recommend the MF 3/1A S (see the brochure below for details) as the gaps between the vertical tubes resist head entrapment. Additional …
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  • Chair Side Transfer Rail (MF 1/9 & 1/8)


    Free standing handrails that assist you to stand Placed in front of your chair, the adjustable height handles can be positioned where you can best take advantage of them, assisting you to stand. When attempting to stand most people wriggle their bottoms toward the front of their chair, lean forward, and push up with their arms and legs. But what if the chairs arm rests are …
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  • Double Handled Bed Lever (MF 3/1A D)


    Second hand hold within your reach If you have less range of arm movement a second hand hold will give you a lower place to grasp within your reach. Then as you sit up or change position you can use the other parts of the rail as you normally would. The MF 3/1D Bed Rail also has all the other fabulous features of the standard Bed Rail. This design also has superb strength …
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  • Bedside Transfer Rail (MF BTR -1 with Insert)


    Providing you with a strong handhold at your Bedside The Bedside Transfer Rail provides a handhold for repositioning in bed and sitting up from your bed. Because it also extends out from the bed, you can use the rail to pull yourself out of a wheel chair, or steady yourself when transferring from a walker. The rail can also be use as a standing frame so a care giver can he …
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  • Assessment Handrail (MF 11/1)


    What is the Assessment Handrail used for? The assessment handrail is not intended for the support of a person but great for assessments or where best a permanent rail should be fixed. Try different angles and positions, works well on table tops or even on the fridge door. Sucks onto most smooth surfaces with no tools required. Just place firmly against any flat smooth nonp …
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  • Handy Bar (MF HB) – reduced price

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    The Handy Bar provides an additional hand hold that makes transfers safer. The Handybar provides an additional handhold when getting in or out of your car, truck or van. Simply insert Handy bar into the door latch D – shaped striker on the door frame as Pictured. The D – shaped striker supports the Handy bar while the handle extends out from your car providi …
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