Handy Bar (MF HB)

Handy Bar - Detailed View
Handy Bar - Demonstration man getting out of carHandy Bar - Placing in Car Door View

The Handy Bar provides an additional hand hold that makes transfers safer.

The Handybar provides an additional handhold when getting in or out of your car, truck or van. Simply insert Handy bar into the door latch D – shaped striker on the door frame as Pictured. The D – shaped striker supports the Handy bar while the handle extends out from your car providing you with an additional handhold.

Strong and stable the Handybar will give you added confidence and support making your transfers in and out of your vehicle safer.


  • Fits most vehicles fitted with the D shape metal door striker (both driver and passenger side-doors)
  • Increases independence and mobility for those with physical challenges
  • Improves confidence and makes getting in and out of your vehicle safer.
  • Max user weight 158 kg—350 lbs
  • Non Slip Handle
  • Convenient size and weight
  • Makes a perfect gift


Emergency Escape

As an added bonus the Handybar has a built in window breaker and seat belt cutter. This could protect you and your family from entrapment in a flooding or smoking vehicle.




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