Pedestal Chair Raiser (MF PED)

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Which Chair Does This Raiser Suit?

The Standard Multifit Pedestal Raiser is designed to fit a chair that has a round base that is fixed and the seat swivels or is fixed. Similar to the chair pictured.


If the base of the chair swivels with the seat i.e.(some STRESSLESS comfort chairs) we will need to make some adjustments to the brackets as there are variances under the base. In this instance please contact us Ph 0800 102 803


Special Feature:

The raiser expands in diameter allowing the metal clips to hook over the edge of the chair base holding the raiser safely to the chair.


Easy To Fit!

Expand the raiser to a size larger that the base of your chair. Place the chair on top of the raiser and reduce the diameter of the raiser so that the clips of the raiser hook over the edge of the base on your chair. Tighten the four clamping knobs on the under side of the raiser. Test for safety and stability before use.


Standard Features:

  • Adjusts to the measurements you give us, so you get a perfect fit every time.
  • 20 mm high retaining clips keep the chair on the raiser.
  • Splayed feet on the raiser increase stability.
  • Simply adjusts by hand so you won’t need any tools.
  • Pre-finished so cleaning easy and hygienic
  • Sturdy design, reusable, durable & safe.

Information required:

Information required to ensure your Pedestal Raiser fits perfectly VIEW


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Pedestal Chair Raiser (MF PED)
Max user weight 380 kg
Width adjustment 535 mm – 735 mm Between opposing brackets
Heights available 50, 75 ,100 , 150 mm
Lip over base 20 mm Standard or 8 mm Stressless
Construction Furniture grade pine and Colour coated sheet metal
Finish Clear lacquer


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