Bed Lever – MF 3/1AS – CC (3 Bar Bed Lever ©)

This is an extremely useful bedroom aid to increase your mobility, safety and independence.



Getting in and out of bed can be challenging when you don’t have anything to grab hold of to get you up and mobile. Our Bed Lever can be an easy solution to increase your mobility and make a huge improvement to your safety and independence.


• Arthritis, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis & Parkinson’s Disease
• Assisting with your balance and poor muscle strength.
• Assisting those recovering from surgery
• A useful handhold to assist you transferring on and off your bed at night.
• A stable handhold when rising from a lying to a sitting position and then standing.
Our Bed Lever is a safe and stable handhold to help the elderly, disabled, or anyone with physical limitations or injury to get in and out of bed with less effort.



  • As mattresses get deeper, your Bed Lever handle needs to be longer.
  • Choosing a handle height that extends 300mm above your mattress, allows the handle to be within easy reach.
  • This enables a safer user experience and will inspire your client with more confidence.

For more info : Bed Lever Handle height suits mattress depth – 120323 . (2)


Handle height Product Code
550mm (standard height) 3/1AS-CC
Optional handle height’s
625mm 3/1AS-CC-M
700mm 3/1AS-CC-L


• Suits divan style beds, inner sprung beds.
• Standard or Heavy-Duty options
• Conveniently fits almost any bed
• Bed sizes – single, double or king-size beds
(NOT SUITABLE for electric/ profiling type beds)

Quick and easy to fit, simple to use. The base of the Bed Lever slides under your mattress and the handle extends up from your bed side in a convenient position within your reach.

Multifit Bed Levers are known by many as one of New Zealand’s most trusted and reliable bedroom aids.
Comprising of a powder coated steel rail attached to a hard-wearing, wooden baseboard that is sealed and lacquered. Our Bed Levers are high quality and built to last.
Everyone moves when they are sleeping and some have uncontrolled movement especially those that have epileptic fits, seizures and people who have Parkinson’s disease.
Assessment by a qualified Occupational Therapist is recommended to ensure this Bed lever is appropriate for your needs.
Our Bed lever is designed to help keep you safe, and our easy to follow installation guide ensures positioning is correct.
The cord and cleat fixing can be used to hold the lever hard against the mattress preventing entrapment between the lever and the side of the mattress.

(3 Bar Bed Lever©)


Clear selection

MF 3/1AS – CC Bed Lever Specification

Max user weight


Handle tube

25.4mm Dia

Handle size

550,625,700mm High x 226mm wide.

Gap between bars


Base size

465 W x 835 L x 16 D (all measurements in mm)

Timber finish

Clear lacquer

Brochure 3-1AS-CC(View)
Fitting / Instructions for use, & Risk Assessment Guidelines (View)
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