Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Multifit has established a company-wide culture dedicated to providing the highest quality products.

Our team is committed to their work and has a strong level of technical expertise to craft a superior range of products to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Our commitment is to:

  • Manufacture products in conformance with all contractual requirements specified by the customer;
  • Execute projects in alignment with ISO 9001:2015, legal requirements, and any relevant industry best practice; and
  • Work towards continuous improvement.

The objectives we will pursue to satisfy this commitment are:

  • Monitor the quality of our products, by establishing inspections to check the meeting of requirements;
  • Encourage the team to deliver the highest quality standards and minimize issues;
  • Ensure suppliers are competent for work and understand the project requirements; and
  • Provide staff with adequate advice, information, education, training and suitable supervision.

– Wayne Manson, Multifit Director.