Excellent Ramp Systems – Ramp Kit 1 only, limited stock left – clearance


With Excellent System ramp modules, you can quickly, economically, and easily assemble to the size and shape of ramp you require.
No obstacle is insurmountable and the ramp modules can be taken apart and reassembled again and again to fit any situation.
They can be cut to any shape with a hand saw and  installed indoor or outdoors



  • Opening inward Aluminium doors can be difficult to fit a ramp to. But with the Excellent system ramping a small section can easily be placed or removed as required. Click on the picture to the right for more detail.
  • Can be assembled to fit any opening, door step or platform – regardless of shape,
  • Can be dismantled and reused at another location or rebuilt into totally new ramps
  • Modules are portable and as easy to assemble as children’s building blocks
  • Non-slip surface indoor and out side use (in cold climates ice and snow stick poorly to the ramps surface and the anti-skip finish holds traction even during winter)
  • Non-permanent structure can be easily removed.


Sold in Kit form

Ramp Kit 1

For heights up to 40 mm x 750 mm wide.

Ramp Kit 2

For heights up to 75 mm x 750 mm wide.

Ramp Kit 3

For heights up to 115 mm x 750 mm wide.

Ramp Kit 4

For heights up to 150 mm x 750 mm wide.


Ramp Squares (250 mm x 250 mm x 18 mm high) and six pack Blocks (250 mm x 500 mm x 55 mm high) along with a range of joiners.

The standard Ramp kits and Squares are in layers 18 mm high and can be assembled to make platforms, infill’s or steps.

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