Double Bed Raiser (Divan Style) (MF 2/4D)

What bed does this raiser suit?

The Multifit Double Bed Raiser Divan Style suits all sizes of double beds that do not have legs or are a box type base. Each raiser has three braced supporting blocks that are linked with two telescopic sections. Each raiser is also linked with a cord on one piece and a locking cleat on the other secures them to the bed or base. This enables the raiser to be adjusted in width to fit all Double beds, from standard double size right through to super king size.


Available in sets of Two or Three.


Easy to fit

Take each raiser to the foot end of the bed. Adjust each of the raisers out so that the blocks of the raiser line up with the legs of the bed. Tighten the wing nuts to clamp the raiser in this position. Using the Multifit Powered Bed Jack, lift the bed and slide the pre adjusted raisers under the bed. Lower the bed so the legs of the bed bear on the support blocks of the raiser. Using the cord, link all the raisers together fixing the cord to in the plastic wedge cleat in the end raiser. Test for stability before use.



Sliding the pre-adjusted raiser under your bed means you will never have to get under your bed again to fit bed blocks!. The linked blocks of the double bed raiser increase stability and safety of the raised bed and are much easier, safer and time efficient for you to fit.

  • This popular raiser will fit a double, queen, king and super king size bed.
  • Rubber pads and lip around foot pad keep the bed legs in position.
  • Simply adjusts by hand means you won’t need any tools.
  • Pre-finished surfaces make cleaning easy and hygienic
  • Time tested sturdy design  re usable, durable and safe.


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Double Bed Raiser (Divan Style) (MF 2/4D Specifications
Max user weight 380kg
Std heights available 50, 75 ,100 and 150 mm
Finish Clear lacquer
Construction Furniture grade pine & Colour coated sheet metal
Lip around foot pad 20 mm high
Length adjustment 1150mm – 1700 mm
Sold in sets of suggest set of 3 pieces
Non Slip foot pad size 90 mm x 90 mm

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