Leg Lifter (MK3L)

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The Multifit LegLifter is a power-driven appliance designed to gently lift a person’s legs from a bedside seating position to the surface of the bed. It is proven to be a successful mobility solution in providing independence for elderly and disabled clients. For therapists and caregivers, it saves considerable time and physical exertion.


  • Refined profile for very low beds, providing easier bedside access for people of short stature.
  • Easy installation to a wider range of profiling beds, domestic bed types, including innerspring, slat and frame beds.
  • Easier under-bed access for bed-table trolleys and clearer standing space for bedside caregiver tasks.
  • Synchronized lift action to suit the needs of clients with diminished balancing ability.
  • Refined ergonomics in a slimmer profile.
  • Reduced to 9 kg weight for easier portability.
  • Wide leg-rest to suit clients with edema or swollen leg conditions.



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