Bed Jack (MF BJ / BAT)

Reduce Manual Handling risks when fitting bed raisers.

Simply place the foot of the jack under the edge of the bed and push the button to raise or lower your bed. Latest improvements are : Wheels for better portability, lengthened lift plate so it reaches further under the bed, new battery housing and switch making them both more robust.


Key Features

  • Powerful lifting action lifts any bed with the touch of a button.
  • Battery will last all day on a full charge.
  • All moving parts are guarded to improve your safety.
  • Handle on top is used to place the jack.
  • Battery powered means you don’t have to worry about leads
  • Wheels on the bottom make it easily portable.
  • Narrow profile means it can be placed it in tight spaces.


Bed Jack (MF BJ / BAT) Specifications
Max load 250 kg
Lift stroke 20 – 600 mm
Frame Colour White
Width 210 mm
Weight 7 kg
Height 870 mm
Construction Light weight steel tube and aluminum extrusion
Battery recharge Trickle charge over night
Lifts per charge kg 50 lifts -300mm stroke 35 Kg load

Bed Jack Brochure (View)

New Zealand Case Study on the Bed Jack (View)

Bedjack user Instructions (View)


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