Slide Sheet (MF SS)

Slide sheets.

(available in one size 1.0 mtr x 1.5 mtr)

Slide sheets are used in the healthcare industry to facilitate the movement or transfer of patients on beds, chairs and showers. They aid staff to practice ‘No Lift’ manual handling procedures in line with Work Cover, Occupational Health and Safety policies.

These sheets are manufactured from a polyester thread, rather than nylon like other slide sheets. Therefore they can withstand higher temperatures during laundry wash and dry cycles. Polyester is inherently a more durable fabric than nylon and will last longer.


This premium fabric has the following characteristics:

• Slippery silicon coating on both sides of fabric

• Unique anti-bacterial finish that will not wash out

• Soft finish reducing noise, skin tears and abrasions

• Minimal static discharge

• Low stretch and non-tear construction

• Suitable for industrial linen services

• Made in Australia


Testing certification

NATA certified (National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia)

Color fastness to: Washing, Water, rubbing, Color fastness to artificial light.

Weight of material: Determination to mass per area, threads per unit length

Dimensional stability to washing, dimensional change, mean tearing force, Mean breaking force, mean elongation break.


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