M6 Tri Knob (MF M6KB)

Multifit M6 Tri Knob - Two Knobs Displayed
Multifit M6 Tri Knob - Top, Side, Bottom and Isometric ViewMultifit M6 Tri Knob - Specifications and DimensionsMultifit M6 Tri Knob - Displayed on equipment

A low profile, tight fitting knob that looks great on any application!

The Multifit M6 Tri Knob is sleek with a low profile design and an aesthetically pleasing beige finish. The knob sits at a close 15mm to its attachment and accommodates a M6 (6 mm) brass thread. The knob is designed with 3 prongs and a large diameter that allows for greater leverage and a tighter fitting. The knob its self is constructed from reinforced nylon making it extremely robust and UV resistant.


Perfect for – M6 Tri Knob

Marine and Outdoor Environments – the robust nylon construction of the M6 Tri Knob makes it perfect for outdoor & marine environments where durability is a requirement. The UV resistant nature of the nylon suits it for outdoor use, ensuring that it wont warp or disfigure under the sun.
Furniture – with a low profile design the M6 Tri Knob minimizes risk of catching on clothing or toes. It's classic matte beige looks complement furniture and modern designs.


Key Features of the M6 Tri Knob

  • Durable reinforced nylon
  • Large diameter handle for a tight fit
  • Sleek, low profile design
  • UV resistant
  • Aesthetically pleasing matte beige finish
  • Perfect for marine/outdoor environments and furniture



Quantity Price Each
1 – 49 $3.80
50 – 99 $3.40
100 – 499 $3.20
500 – 999 $3.00
1000+ $2.80


Interested in distributing the M6 Tri Knob? Contact [email protected] for a distributors price list.


Special Orders

Special orders can be negotiated for quantities over 100 items for the following features;

  • M8 (8 mm) thread
  • Black color
  • UNC thread
  • Witworth thread


Email [email protected] for enquiries regarding these special orders.


M6 Tri Knob Specifications & Dimensions PDF (View)