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After nearly 20 years in the business we decided it was time for a face-lift to modernize our look. We have a great new logo and a slogan which embodies what Multifit is all about. Ever since our small beginnings, our products have been about invention, innovation and a determination to find solutions for people with mobility challenges. We get our satisfaction from helping our customers stay as independent as possible so it really is all about:


“Your Independence – Our Innovation”


New brochures updating our products, and a new website, are underway and we hope to be communicating with all our valued customers more frequently with newsletters like this one. It would also be great to meet more of you face to face for in service demonstrations soon. So please get in touch if you would like to see our products in person.


LegLifter Product View - 700 x 500Client uses our LegLifter every day for 7 years
Phyllis is a lovely example of a lady who benefited enormously from the Multifit LegLifter. She was assessed by an Occupational Therapist who trialed the product with her seven years ago. It worked beautifully and Phyllis used her LegLifter every night to help her get into bed until she passed away earlier this year. Some years previously she had two hip replacements and then, after a fall, she was no longer able to lift her legs up into bed. This presented a problem and a real possibility that Phyllis may have to leave her own home which she did not want to do. Prior to the LegLifter, various pieces of equipment were tried and for a long time her daughter Geraldine made a 40 km round trip every evening to help lift her mother into bed.  Once she had the LegLifter Phyllis never looked back. “She was able to get into bed all by herself restoring her independence and saving us a lot of time and mileage,” says Geraldine. “Mum was able to place her walker next to the bed and then get out every morning just as she had always done. She just needed that extra bit of help to lift her legs up into bed”. Phyllis was very proud of her LegLifter and always showed it best online casino to visitors.
EAB Product View - 700 x 500The Easy Access Bed is here 
A Declaration of Independence!
Many of our longer term customers will be familiar with the prototype of this product which we called the Bed Chair. It’s now been fully developed, is ready to go, and has been launched under its new name “The Easy Access Bed”. We have incorporated valuable feedback from Occupational Therapists and a distributor in the UK to bring you a product that is many pieces of furniture in one.It is a fully automated chair, recliner and bed which can seamlessly move you into the perfect position for sitting, reclining or sleeping. It has an independent back rest control which means you can sit up or recline and still keep your legs raised. Additionally it can be adjusted to either a fully flat horizontal bed or a legs elevated bed which makes it ideal for those needing to sleep with their legs raised. There are several mattress options which are easy to remove and replace and we can offer pressure relief solutions if needed.
Multifit Reps Wayne and Eli - New Website Talk to us today on 0800 102 808 if you would like to receive a brochure. We are also happy to come and do an in service demonstration at Occupational Therapy Departments, Retirement Villages and Rest Homes.

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