2015 “Show your Ability” Expo: A Big Success

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No matter how many Expos I attend, it’s always exciting to be there along with other innovative equipment, support and information providers from New Zealand. It’s an impressive community, that’s for sure. It’s fascinating to see all the new products first hand.

Did you enjoy the 2015 Expo Show Your Ability back in February & March? I did and it was awesome to see you all there at the five venues and to meet so many new people in my travels.

Apart from attending the Expo in Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Christchurch, and Dunedin, I met with 5 different OT departments along the way and gave demonstrations of our Leglifter and Chair Raisers.

Many of you were interested in our new product, the over bed rail, and in Multifit’s ever popular Shower Inserts.

Multifit Show Your Ability Expo Collage


Altogether I spent two weeks travelling around. One reason I was on the road that long is because I do installations along the way. While I was in Christchurch, I installed three shower inserts. That kept me busy!

Another main reason I hit the road is because not all OTs have the opportunity to attend the Expos. It can be a big distance to travel, so I like to bring our products to you to view in person so that you don’t miss out. One place I enjoyed visiting was New Plymouth, a beautiful city with that amazing structure, the Te Rewa Rewa Bridge.

We also did some in-service demos in Invercargill, Nelson, Blenheim, and Gisborne after the shows – some spots are pretty far from the Expo site. I enjoyed seeing the wine-growing region in and around Blenheim, Did you know that Invercargill is one of the most southernmost cities in the whole world? Neither did I!

My colleague Darryl and I got to see a lot of New Zealand on this road trip. It was sunny and nice for travelling, although not so great for the farmers who could have used some rain!


Sometimes OTs come up with ideas for new products and suggestions for product improvements. We always appreciate the input. Did you know that your ideas and suggestions feed directly into our own R&D?

This time when I was in Dunedin for the Expo, an OT wanted to see our bed lever. She had some terrific ideas. Between then and now, we’ve invented a new bed lever and it’s in a trial stage at the moment.
So, watch for our new products in the future!


I thought you might like to know the questions that come my way most often when Multifit attends Expos.

1. Where are you based?

10 Pohutu St, Whakatane, New Zealand

2. What is this funny round raiser for?

It’s used for chairs with a round base, like the Danish Danske Mobler chair. It’s called a pedestal raiser.
Pedestal Chair Raiser

3. Can you raise sofas with large elephant or round type feet?

Yes! We modify our standard sofa raisers to accommodate large feet, according to the OT’s specifications.
Sofa Raiser Adjustment Picture

4. Is the widened sofa raiser on the common list?

No, it’s not at the moment so please tell Enable and Accessable that it would be a great idea for them to put it on the list!

5. Can i fit the overbed rail to my clients profiling bed?

Yes! If your client has an Invacare Etude bed that is on the Enable MOH Band 1 List.

6. What’s the maximum user weight on the surfer bather, easy access bed, elk lifting cushion and camel lifting chair?

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