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For those who have mobility issues in the lounge and living room, Multifit has innovative products that reduce the challenge, relieving the stress and frustration involved. At Multifit we understand your problems and offer a range of innovative equipment that can aid your daily tasks and provide greater independence.

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  • Lazy Boy Chair Raiser (MF 1/3)


    Which Chair Does This Raiser Suit? The Multifit Lazy Boy Chair Raiser is only designed to fit a Lazy Boy type chair which has wooden runners that extend out past the rear of the chair base. Pictured on the Right.For your safety it is important to get a Chair Raiser that best suits your chair. Also see Big Softie Chair raiser ( Link ) & Lifter Chair Raiser (link)   …
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  • Lifter Chair


    The  Lifter Chair provides an affordable solution to those with restricted mobility that find it hard to get in and out of a chair. Through a controller on the hand rest, the Lifter Chair raises the seat of the chair to a height that makes it easy and comfortable to get up or sit back down.   Ideal for smaller rooms as it takes up only 1/4 the floor space needed by …
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  • Standard Chair Raiser (MF 1/1)


    Which chair does this raiser suit? The Multifit Standard Chair Raiser is designed to suit most square shaped lounge chairs similar to the one pictured.   Easy to fit. Simply extend the raiser in width and length to suit the leg spacing on the base of your chair. Place the chair on top of the raiser. Adjust the raiser so that it fits closely up to the legs of your chai …
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  • Divan Sofa Raiser (MF 2/5)


    What Sofa does this fit? The Multifit Sofa Raiser Divan Style suits a Sofa that has a box base or does not have legs, glides or castor wheels. The foot pad has only two lips on the edge and allows the Sofa to sit into the foot pad. The self bracing blocks are linked with a telescopic section that clamps solidly to the width you desire and a cord links the two raisers toget …
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  • Big Softie Chair Raiser (MF 1/7)


    Which chair does this raiser suit? The Multifit Big Softie Chair Raiser will suit most rocking / recliner chairs that have a steel tube base frame similar to the one pictured.   Easy to fit Simply extend the raiser in width and length to suit the frame spacing on the base of your chair. Place the chair on top of the Raiser. Adjust the Raiser so that it fits tightly u …
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  • Handling Belt (MF HB)


    This soft padded patient handling belt can be adjusted to fit around the waist of your patient and provide you with a choice of secure hand holds while performing assisted maneuvers or transfers.   Key Features Designed to enable better posture for staff while giving more control over the patient. Ergonomically designed the belt is soft and padded making it comfortab …
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  • Bed Blocks (MF 0/1,2,3,4)


    What can bed blocks do for your client?   Our bed blocks can give extra height to your clients bed, enabling them to get in and out of their bed independently. The pyramid shape of our bed block gives the bed block maximum stability and safety. The recess in the top of the block is 75 x 75 mm with a rubber pad so you get plenty of room to locate your bed leg in the ri …
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  • Camel Lifting Chair (MG CLC)


    The Camel lifting chair will both sit up and lift a fallen person. With an inbuilt backrest and internal ring construction, the Camel offers a fully supportive lift that can be carried out entirely independently by the faller. Using the simple hand control and compressor provided the Camel is inflated section by section to bring the individual up into a position from which …
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  • ELK Lifting Cushion (MG C/1)


    The ELK is a lifting cushion designed to lift a person from the floor with the help of only one person. It is compact and lightweight, weighing only 3.6 kgs (8 lbs) and will lift up to 450kg (70 stone).  Its unique design and portability means it can be used inside or outside and is particularly effective in small confined spaces such as the bedroom or bathroom where alte …
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  • Sofa Raiser (MF 2/1)


    What Sofa does this fit? The Multifit Sofa Raiser fits any standard Sofa that has legs, glides or castor wheels. The self-bracing blocks are linked with a telescopic section that clamps solidly to the width you desire, providing a stable and safe system of raising any standard Sofa. Designed to fit front to back not across.   Widened Sofa Raisers: If your sofa feet …
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  • Chair Side Transfer Rail (MF 1/9)


    Free standing handrails that assist you to stand Placed in front of your chair, the adjustable height handles can be positioned where you can best take advantage of them, assisting you to stand.   When attempting to stand most people wriggle their bottoms toward the front of their chair, lean forward, and push up with their arms and legs. But what if the chairs arm re …
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  • Powered Transfer Device (MF PTD)

      For Assistance In Transferes?   This product enables a person who can partly weight bear to transfer from a wheel chair to an Easy Access Bed independently. They use the handrail to pull themselves out of the wheelchair seated position to stand and lean against the handrail. Pressing a button activates the floor to slide across in front of the Easy Access Bed …
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