Wire Wove Bed Rail (MF 3/3)

The Wire wove Bed Rail

This rail has been designed for fixed height steel railed bed frames.
The rails is connected with a telescopic section that enables you to actually clamp it to the sides of the bed frame, making it easy for you to get a customized fit for your client every time .
Mattress comfort remains.
Because the clamping rail extends under the mattress, it can not be felt through the mattress by your client.



Up & down , side to side is solid
By clamping to the bed side rails, the rail takes on the rigidity of the bed itself.
The clamping rail that extends under the bed is designed to be self bracing, there for providing rigidity of the rail side to side
Requires no tools to fit.
You don’t need to drill any holes or fit any bolts, in fact you done even need any tools to fit it. Just turn the knob to adjust the width and activate the clamping action, then tie down the straps and its done.
Reusable because its adjustable and because your clients bed is protected by rubber liners where the rail touches the bed side your clients bed will not be damaged by having the rail fitted.



Adjusts from 1150 mm to 760 mm wide so you can get that customized fit . Made to measure rails can also be made.
The height of the rail extends 470 mm above the bed frame, and is 225 mm wide, & 25 mm diameter, so that your client gets a plenty of rail to grasp while not being too bulky at the bed side.
Made from 1.6 mm steel for strength, Mig-welded for strong joint strength , etch primed & powder coated for long lasting good looks and hygiene.
Fitting of the rail is by the adjustable knob and the braided strap, which means there are no tools required to fit the rail.
Where the rail attaches to the bed we provide a rubber liner so that your clients bed is not damaged.


  • Max user weight : 150 kg
  • Rail : 470 mm above the bed frame 25 mm diameter tubular steel.
  • Width : Adjusts from 1150 mm to 760 mm wide
  • Finish : steel is powder coated.
  • Base : Right angle steel plate secured to a 25 mm tube and braced.
  • Fixing : Adjustable knob and the braided straps Lock unit in place.

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