Surfer Bather (MG A/4)

Pediatric Bath Lift

A powered elevating bath lift for children, which minimizes moving & handling risks to therapists, parents and careers alike. The bath lift is operated by low air pressure using the battery powered Airflo Mk3 power source.

The Surfer Bather Bath Lift will make bath time fun again for those parents and careers who struggle to lift the child into and out of the bath. The Surfer Bather will hold the child securely in the seat both during the transfer into and out of the bath, and during the bathing process itself.


Key Features

  • Full waterproof hand control
  • Simple to use
  • Stable
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Adjustable backrest and seat
  • The Surfer Bather bath lift enables the child to lie down at the bottom of the bath
  • Adjustable pommel (optional)
  • Comes complete with side rails/leg strap
  • The Surfer Bather bathlift elevates and lowers effortlessly at the touch of a button
  • Easy to clean


Maximum user weight: 50kg
Maximum user height: 135cm
Overall length: 114cm
Platform width: 41cm/68.5cm
Maximum height: 43cm
Minimum height: 6cm
Backrest angle: From flat to 70 degrees max
Weight of platform (inc. Backrest & Pommels): 4.2kg
Weight of Scissors (inc. Bellows): 5.5kg

Surfer Bather User Instructions (View)


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