Neptune Bath Lift

Multifit Neptune Bath lift - Lady getting in bath
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Introducing the redesigned Neptune Bath Lift, a better way to regain your independence and stay in the home you love.


The Neptune Bath Lift enabled thousands of people to rediscover the simple pleasure and therapeutic benefits of taking a bath without the danger of slipping and falling. Remember when taking a refreshing, relaxing, and rejuvenating bath was something you looked forward to… not avoided? For millions, getting older and losing mobility has meant giving up the use of their bathtub. Some resort to sitting in a chair in the shower; others are forced to take “sponge baths” at the sink. Worse yet, some have to get caregivers and loved ones to lower them into the tub. Now, there’s a better way.


The Neptune Bath Lift is so easy. Just put the chair into the tub. The high-quality suction cups hold it in place. You simply sit on the transfer flap and swing your legs into the tub. Press the button on the fully water proof remote, and the chair lowers to the bottom of the tub. When you are done, press another button and the chair returns you to the top of the tub. The remote contains a powerful rechargeable battery that operates up to seven up/down cycles, and a light indicates when it needs to be recharged. Simply unclip the remote and plug it into any outlet to charge. The smart-chip technology in the remote will not allow it to lower you if there is not sufficient power to raise you back up.


Key Features

  • The Neptune Upright Bath Lift offers a practical bathing solution, allowing users to retain their independence by providing the ultimate in safety, quality, and reliability
  • Compact design ensures it sits as far back as possible in the tub, offering maximum legroom (up to 20 extra cm) and avoiding common problems associated with anti-slip surfaces and bath handles
  • Its narrow footprint and large, flexible suction feet ensure that it also fits snugly into narrower tubs, while its maximum height of travel makes it suitable for a deeper tub
  • User weight capacity: 127 kgs.
  • 2 easily separable sections with no catches or buttons to negotiate can be quickly and easily removed from a tub with minimal effort or stooping
  • Compact, slimline design allows it to sit back in the tub, ensuring that even those with small tubs can fully immerse aching joints in a relaxing tub of warm water
  • Slimline, waterproof hand control with large rocker switches operates on a powerful, rechargeable “12V” nicad battery (charge time: approximately 2 hours)
  • Hand controller also has a battery level indicator with Stop Descent™ feature (system will not allow you to be lowered unless there is enough battery charge to raise you up again)
  • Biocote anti-microbial protection makes it easy to clean


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