Maxi Lifting Cushion (MLC)

The inflatable Maxi Lifting Cushion can be placed on the seat of your favorite arm chair. When inflated it will gently raise you up 200mm making it easier for you to stand up from your chair. When deflated it is completely flat and cannot be felt.


The inflated cushion curves to the shape of your bottom and gently raisers you up helping you live at home with independence. The Maxi Cushion comes with its own Air Flow Compressor which can be discreetly stored beside your chair.


Key Features

  • Maintains independence
  • Lightweight
  • Simple to use.
  • Portable and compact. Can be taken on holiday.
  • Converts favorite armchair to a lifter chair
  • Very stable
  • Raises up to 254kg!


Maximum user weight 254 kg
Weight of Cushion . 6 kg
Inflated height 20 cm
Deflated width 48 cm
Deflated length 55 cm
Guarantee 2 years includes the battery


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