Handling Belt (MF HB)

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This soft padded patient handling belt can be adjusted to fit around the waist of your patient and provide you with a choice of secure hand holds while performing assisted maneuvers or transfers.


Key Features

  • Designed to enable better posture for staff while giving more control over the patient.
  • Ergonomically designed the belt is soft and padded making it comfortable to wear.
  • Multiple handles on the belt provide the best possible grip in a convenient position which helps caregivers maintain a safe posture.
  • Non-slip inner lining to help prevent the belt sliding upwards during a transfer (sit to stand, or assisted walking).
  • Adjustment in diameter is achieved by simply extending the webbing girdle to suit small to large patients.
  • Strong Handles are comfortably shaped, and placed at oblique angles to aid comfort and enhance control for the carer.
  • Made from washable materials making it easy to keep hygienically clean.
  • Can be cleaned with hot soapy water and rinse.


Used in typical situations such as:

Sit to stand, help when walk training, transferring on and off the toilet, in and out of the bath, lounge, wheel chair or vehicle. In fact anywhere a care giver is performing assisted maneuvers or transfers this handling belt will make your task easier and safer.


Handling belts are popular with hospitals, stroke units, general ward use, ambulance staff, rescue, community based staff, care at home, Institutional Care, nursing and residential homes.



Cleaning: clean with warm soapy water, disinfectant then rinse.

Replacement parts: Are available off the shelf at the address below

Guarantee: All parts are guaranteed against faulty workmanship for a period of 2 years.


Size of handles 90mm wide x 25mm deep
Number of handles 4
Belt diameter adjustment 700 mm – 1340 mm
Width of padded belt 190 mm – 130 mm
Width of adjustable strap 50 mm
Max user 120kg with larger sizes on request

Handling Belt Brochure (View)

Handling Belt User Manual (View)


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