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The Easy Access Bed (EAB) is a power assisted bed that turns into a chair for the purpose of assisting a person into and out of bed with minimal effort.
Ideal for home or rest-home, this power-driven integration of comfort chair, recliner and lifter converts to a full-function, adjustable profiling bed with a superior flat sleeping surface – all at the touch of a button!


The Easy Access Bed is extremely easy to use

With only two buttons on the handset, the Easy Access Bed is extremely easy to use. You simply push and hold one button and the synchronized action will automatically make the Easy Access Bed go from a chair to a bed. There is one button for down (chair to a bed) and one for up (bed to a chair). You can stop the action at any stage by releasing your finger pressure on the button to achieve a variety of seated chair positions for physical relief. Comfortable laying positions can also be attained by partly elevating the back rest to alleviate breathing problems and elevating your legs to help with aches and pains. The seat also has a lifting function that can help you to go from the seated position to the standing position.


With other types of beds there are numerous buttons for basic bed actions on the handset. Example: two buttons each for the back rest, knee brake, high low function. Additionally some even have extra buttons for a turning action and seat tilt. That makes it really confusing as to how to make the bed work and also requires moving your finger from one button to the next to get the action you are hoping for. Many people either don’t have the confidence or cognitive ability to understand which button to push next. Others might not have the physical ability to lift their legs into bed and the balance and co ordination to lay down into bed in a position that is comfortable for sleep. Arthritic fingers can also make the task of holding the button on the handset difficult. We have tried to address all of these issues and have had huge success with the Multifit Easy Access Bed.


Key Features

• Layered foam mattress offers a superior, flat sleeping surface with a comfortable memory-foam overlay.
• In-line motion aligns the body naturally with no physical exertion to achieve comfort.
• Bedside seating height adjusts down to 400 mm to assist bedside access for people of shorter stature.


Try it yourself; you won’t be disappointed with what it can do for you.

Phone 0800 102 803 for a free demonstration.



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