Double Handled Bed Lever (MF 3/1A D)

Second hand hold within your reach

If you have less range of arm movement a second hand hold will give you a lower place to grasp within your reach. Then as you sit up or change position you can use the other parts of the rail as you normally would.

The MF 3/1D Bed Rail also has all the other fabulous features of the standard Bed Rail. This design also has superb strength and stability, providing you with the confidence you need when sitting up or transferring on and off your bed.

Available as a MF 3/1D + Strap  + Buckle (pictured above), MF 3/1D + cord  + Cleat or alone  MF 3/1D


Extra Strong

People of any size or strength can use the MF 3/1 because it is extremely strong with welded and bolted steel joints. Very little of the base extends from the bed allowing it to be used with slatted beds as well as divan style beds. This feature also gives you the freedom to place your legs where you want without fear of injuring your skin on any part of the Bed Rail which extends from the bed.

The wedge shaped base is wider near the edge of the bed. This gives up to 60% more lateral stability than other similar rails and we have extended the length of the base as well to make it even more stable.


Resistance to head entrapment

Everyone moves when they are sleeping and some have uncontrolled movement especially those that have epileptic fits, seizures and people who have Parkinson’s disease might also present problems with entrapment to name but a few. For this reason we recommend the MF 3/11 S as the gaps between the vertical tubes resist head entrapment. Additionally the cord and cleat fixing can be used to hold the lever hard against the mattress preventing entrapment between the lever and the side of the mattress. The above method meets the known standard for bed side rails on a medical bed.



  • Professionally tested for strength and stability to ensure your safety.
  • Fits slatted beds and divan beds making it very versatile.
  • Extra Safe if fitted with Cord and cleat or Strap and buckle option. This anchors the rail in place and prevents it pulling out from the bed.
  • The 16 mm base is made from water resistant custom wood and lacquered for added benefits when cleaning.
  • 2 year Guarantee
  • Great Value, Quality and Service


Clear selection
  • Max user weight : 180 kg
  • Rail : is 25 mm diameter tubular steel.
  • Base : is 3 mm steel plate secured to a 16 mm water resistant compressed sheet
  • Finish : steel is powder coated, timber is Lacquer.
  • Height : 500mm is standard. 600mm optional
  • Optional fixings : cord and cleat fixing or strap and buckle
  • Note : If you are concerned about head entrapment, use our Safe rail divider.


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