Aquajoy Bath Lift (AQJ BL)

Hygienic & simple to clean

  • Unique open base frame with limited crevices means dirt and water are not trapped.
  • Silver – based antimicrobial solution protects against harmful bacteria and bathroom mold.


Easy to move & handle

  • Lightweight flat folding design can be carried against body for unobstructed view.
  • Space saving for storage.
  • Separates into two parts for safer fitting and removal.
  • Easy sucker release system means there is no struggling to release individual suction feet.


Adaptable to individual needs

Easy fit accessories include:

  • Padded seat covers for increased comfort and warmth
  • Pediatric knee wedge and pommel for added postural support
  • Harness's that are padded and adjustable in width and location.


Hand control with large tactile buttons

Hand controls with large tactile buttons are easily operated by persons with limited dexterity or visual impairment.



• Length of seat: 580 mm (22.8 inches)
• Width of seat with extended seat side flaps: 686 mm (27 inches)
• Width of seat with seat side flaps folded in: 390 mm (15.3 inches)
• Height of seat in lowest position: 80 mm (3.1 inches)
• Height of seat in its highest position: 460 mm (18.1 inches)
• Depth of seat measured from Backrest to front seat edge: 490 mm (19.3 inches)
• Height of backrest: 604 mm (23.8 inches)
• Width of backrest: 340 mm (13.4 inches)
• Carrying capacity: 26.7 stone (170 kgs)
• Total Weight without battery: 12.5kg (27.5 lb)
• Weight of seat: 7.4kg (16.3 lb)
• Weight of backrest: 5.1kg (11.2 lb)
• Weight of battery hand controller: 664g
• Duration of stroke (80 kg load): Up approx. 50sec, Down approx. 35sec
• Operating voltage: 13.2V DC Maximum current consumption: 6A
• Charging rate: Nominal Input: 13.2V DC
• Motor noise with no load: approx. 50dB (according to DIN 3746)
• Medical equipment type B Class Protection: IP 66 Duty cycle: Max. 5%, Max. 3min./hour
• Battery: 13.2V 1300mAh (Ni-MH)
• Battery Charger Input: 240V AC/50Hz, 230V AC/60Hz, 110V AC/60Hz Output: 18V DC 250mA/4.5VA Weight: 0.3kg(UK 282g /EU 285g /USA 275g)
• Charging time with flat battery: approx. 4h

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