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  • Wire Wove Bed Rail (MF 3/3)


    The Wire wove Bed Rail This rail has been designed for fixed height steel railed bed frames. The rails is connected with a telescopic section that enables you to actually clamp it to the sides of the bed frame, making it easy for you to get a customized fit for your client every time . Mattress comfort remains. Because the clamping rail extends under the mattress, it can …
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  • Slide Sheet (MF SS ANS)


    Slide sheets. (available in two sizes 1.0 mtr x 1.5 mtr or 1.0 mtr x 2.0 mtr) Slide sheets are used in the healthcare industry to facilitate the movement or transfer of patients on beds, chairs and showers. They aid staff to practice ‘No Lift’ manual handling procedures in line with Work Cover, Occupational Health and Safety policies. These sheets are manufactured from …
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  • Single Bed Raiser (MF 2/2)


    What bed does the Single Bed Raiser fit? The Multifit Single Bed Raiser fits most single beds that have legs, glides or castor wheels. The linked blocks of the single bed raiser increase stability and safety of the raised bed. They are also easier, safer & quicker for you to fit than standard bed blocks.The self bracing blocks are linked with a telescopic section that …
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