Don’t put yourself or your staff at risk of injury when lifting a fallen person

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The Elk Emergency Lifting Cushion is a light weight powered lifting solution that is very quick and easy for you use when you need to lift a fallen person safely. The Elk provides a simple and safe way of lifting a fallen but uninjured person minimising risks to both staff and the resident. The Elk can be used to lift a person with the help of a single carer and can even be used by the user on their own in some circumstances. Operated by a low air pressure compressor, the Elk is compact and lightweight, weighing only 3.6 kg and will lift up to 450 kg. 

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Its unique design and portability means that it can be used inside or online casino outside and is particularly effective in small confined spaces such as the bedroom or bathroom where alternative lifting devices may not be suitable.  The Elk is commonly used in a range of settings, such as the emergency services, rest homes and retirement villages and hospitals reducing the risk of injury and associated costs to carers. To view a video of the Elk in action click here.

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